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Global Accesibility Awareness Day

Accessibility Resources

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As it’s Global Accessibility Awareness, I’m sharing a list of accessibility resources that I regularly refer to. Happy reading, watching and listening!


Webinars and newsletters

  • A11y Weekly
  • AbilityNet Webinars


  • ‘What we found when we tested tools on the world’s least-accessible webpage’, GOV.UK accessibility blog
  • The WebAIM 1 million
  • GOV.UK WCAG 2.1 Primer
  • 'A Responsive, Accessible Table' by Adrian Roselli


  • ‘Accessibility is more than just supporting screen readers’ by Seren Davies
  • 'Screen Reader User Survey #7' by WebAIM

This is just a fraction of the awesome resources out there. if there’s anything that you refer to as well on a regular basis, let me know! I’d love to hear about what you find useful too.


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