Hi! I'm Beverley

I'm an accessibility lead and front-end developer. My current role is Accessibility Lead at the UK Ministry of Justice, which I've had since April 2021.

I also do a lot of volunteering. At the moment, I volunteer on the dev team of Three Rings CIC. We provide volunteer management software for organisations like the Samaritans and Childline, at low cost to them (because we're all volunteers ourselves at Three Rings CIC). In the past, I set up and ran codebar Oxford for 2 years, and I've also taught on Code First: Girls courses, to try and help diversity the tech industry.

In my spare time, I like to give the occasional tech talk, and write the odd blog post here and there. I also sew (I am obsessed with Drag Race), bird watch, and go out on long rides on the motorbike. My pronouns are they/them.

Paperback copy of 'Disability Visibility', edited by Alice Wong, next to a cup of tea

Latest blog post

'Setting up an Accessibility Book Club', posted on 1st March 2022

In this post, I talk about the Accessibility Book Club I run at the Ministry of Justice, and how you can set up your own...

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'Getting to know an accessibility specialist' for codebar.

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